Oroonoko, By Aphra Behn Essay

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Once power is given it cannot be taken away that is the way everyone thinks right that if the status is higher up it cannot be knocked down. Wrong. Just as quickly power is given it can be taken away even faster. One narrative I will discuss in this essay is “Oroonoko” by Aphra Behn. This narrative could be viewed in many different ways. One way it can be seen is as a biography, another is a memoir, but it can also be seen as a travel narrative. In this essay I will touch base on the topics of switching power. By switching power I mean how different individual’s power fluctuates within situations in the novel. Aphra Behn and Oroonoko are able to exceed the way they are viewed. Behn is both the narrator and the author and Oroonoko is the prince as well as a slave. Behn is able to be identified as not only powerful, but also as the sideline or less important. All the while Oronooko is the prince and also a slave. Both an example Behn used to portray an exchange of power. The slave narrative Oroonoko by Aphra Behn shows how power is switched in different ways. Behn and Oroonoko’s power fluctuates making the narrative interesting and Aphra Behn is the daughter of a lieutenant Governor. That alone gives her a sense of power and within the text she points out her house being beautiful. She states “As soon as I came into the country, the best house in it was presented me, called St. Johns Hill.” While she tells her story we find out that her father was killed on their way to
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