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Orphan Annotated Bibliography Ainsworth, M., Beegle, K. & Koda, G. (2005) The Impact of Adult Mortality and Parental Deaths on Primary Schooling in North-Western Tanzania. Journal of Development Studies, 41, 412-439. Ainsworth is a clinical social worker and therapist in Tennessee. This study asserts that the deaths of parents and other adults due to the AIDS epidemic in Africa could severely reduce the likelihood of schooling in young children. Subsequently, the children will have limited ability to survive and are likely put into care which is not adequate to their development. Ainsworth's position is that female children are particularly at risk to lose educational opportunities. Public policy must be made to assure children are properly educated. It is a logical conclusion that children without adult supervision will likely not attend school as regularly, partly because the child will have other responsibilities than their education. It is assumed that improvements in the quality of schools would be more enticing and less likely for students to quit. However, the researchers involved fail to determine probable ways in which necessary funds could be acquired. Beard, B. (2005). Orphan Care in Malawi: Current Practices. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 22, 105-115. Betty Beard has a PhD and is a registered nurse associated with Eastern Michigan University School of nursing. Her position is focused more on medicinal implications of orphanhood. This document is a

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