Ortance Of Following Orders And The Emphasis Of How It Applies To Unit Structure Including The Specialty Of A Soldier

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The importance of following orders and the emphasis of how it applies to unit structure including the specialty of a soldier

On Wednesday, 28 February 2015, I was given instructions and failed to do so by taking initiative and went to talk to my Platoon Sergeant SFC Taylor. I understand my mistakes and what they can cause that is why I am writing this essay about the importance of following order, with emphasis on how it applies to our unit and our specialty. Failing to follow instructions, no matter who delivers them or how trivial they may be considered to be, to anyone, is a serious offense and I understand that it will not be tolerated. My actions and example have a negative effect on unit morale and discipline and threaten the
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Now who in the armed forces does following orders apply to? Well if I’m not mistaken everyone in armed services has to follow the orders and directions given to them. Unless you’re the Commander in Chief, then you can make the orders. This brings us back to the chaotic vision we imagined earlier. So whether you’re in a position of authority or the on the receiving end of the given order it’s very important to follow orders. It’s an essential part of working as a soldier, marine, sailor or airman in the armed forces. It’s necessary around the world regardless of your station, chain of command and type of armed service you’re employed with whether its Army, Navy, Marines, or Air force. Following orders is a big part of being in the military and the time we spend in our home country following orders prepares us for war. However it also prepares us and also plays a big role and importance for Jobs outside the military. Orders come from a chain of command which, for NCO’s and junior enlisted, is the NCO support channel. The NCO support channel is designed to be subordinate to and supportive of the chain of command. The NCO support channel is not an independent channel. It is mandatory of the users of this channel to ensure that the chain of command is kept informed of actions implemented through the NCO support channel

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