Orthodontic Complaint Letter

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I am writing this letter with deep regret as a fellow state employee. My son, Ezra Brown DMD is both a Rutgers University and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine graduate. He currently is a Postdoctoral Orthodontic Resident at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida with an anticipated graduation date of December 2018. Upon graduation, he plans to return to New Jersey to open an orthodontic practice. With that goal, we have been reserving his business name, Premier Orthodontics, Inc. through the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Central Repository and Payment and Collection System. It is without fail that every quarter I attempt to continue this reservation an unknown issue results. The current reservation period…show more content…
I called the contact number to inquire as to the status and was informed that the call center does not have access to the online forms and the representative directed me to email the issue. I was informed that the specific unit does not take telephone calls directly. I attempted to email but to no avail as an error message indicating lack of authorization was reflected. I cannot express my exasperation with this process, the lack of direct customer service and protracted response time. My son and I are attempting to be proactive with his future endeavor but we keep hitting this unnecessary roadblock. I previously drafted a letter addressing my concerns but chose not to send in deference to my fellow public servants. No more. I understand the issue of a limited staff but attempting to do business in New Jersey should not be this complicated and frustrating. With his advanced degree, my son could open a practice in any of the fifty states but desires to return home to New Jersey. Sadly, if this is the common practice within the Department of Treasury, it is understandable as to why so many small businesses fail, leave or choose not to do business in New Jersey. I respectfully request a review of this process and of his renewal application specifically. Thank you in advance for your
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