Orthodox House Warming

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>ir Ck Jdgn;
(At the time of the house warming service, a cross. Two candles lighted, and a bowl with water to be blessed and sprinkled, shall be placed on a table facing to the East of convenient place of the house. All others including the Celebrant, who is conducting the service, must stand behind it. Now it is time to start the house warming ceremony) >ir Ck Jdgn cau; Qgk SaCSaH Qgk dkgjCk; g!k d\jv& saqkdkfjgj uk; Qgk elYf\jH ilq[\j Ck Jdgjv&[ fxj)lrk= si=ik; djq)k emj lyluj >ir\jsRy ] ik; cOdgUak= Ìlr\k siu[)kd. CkYCo < rm\lrk= ekSgl|jfR KXs/sm th^ligk; Tfjrk ej#jhluj rjH)k d. TS/lX >irilq[i[ :glPr fkm*lrk= caualuj


KAUMA CELEBRANT: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, one true God:
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Ck jdgn;

PERSON: DEACON/ALTAR SERVICE PERSON Stoumen kalos¨oíªhuJ¡©k¡o® RESPONSE: Kurielaison dkyjSuhlujSclR CELEBRANT: Let us all pray and beseech of the Lord, mercy and Compassion. ekSgl|jfRâ rl; th^ligk; Yel jv&[ d\lijSrlm[ LëYz |*xk; dgknuk; ulvj)n;. RESPONSE: O merciful Lord, have mercy upon us and help us YefjildU;â LëYz|jç#irlu d\lSi! B*Sxlmk d gkn svií® B*sx c|luj)nsa. CELEBRANT: Make us worthy to raise up praise and thanksgiving, homage and holy exaltation, unceasingly, continuously, perpetually, and without intermission in every season and at all times. Glory be to that doer of mercy open to all sinners; that haven of life, which vivified the mortals; that purifying hyssop which cleans the unclean; that cleaning lustraction which brightens those who are defiled. Unto him is meet and glory, honour and whorship at this time of the hallowing of this house, and at all festivals and times, hours and seasons, and during all the days of our life, for ever.


Ck jdgn;

B’kilahun Yowmoso D’hayayil L’olmeen. RESPONSE: Amen. ekSgl|jfRâelejdX)luj fky#jMjgj)k# dgknuksm il ekSgl|jfRâ fjhk; agnak=isg wJij/jv&flu g uksm fkyakD ik; LCk sg simj/l)k# Scl/luk; ahjrsgsiN aul)k# fxj/k; :u d\lijrk oí¤Y¢. fsÊ plc sÊ >ir Ck Jdgn\jsÊ TO cau\k; cdh se gk#lxkdxjhk; dlh*xjhk;Srg*xjhk; B*xksm L iclr rlX sisguk; frj)k; fsÊ ekYfë; fsÊ e gjCk yo|lu[)k; oí¤Y¢uk; ©oí¡Yfik; dSg kduk;
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