Orthodoxy and Progressivism: America’s Battle over Education and a Silent Majority

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There are many polarizing debates over the quality and content of the curriculum taught in Public Schools and Universities, typically there are two clearly predictable groups that emerge and square off for battle, the conservative orthodoxy and the secular or liberal progressives. As each side vigorously defends the extremes of their positions, they have apparently and unwittingly created a silent majority that may also wish to be heard. A recognized educational policy maker acknowledges a sampling of some contemporary issues of debate in the educational policy arena: For American public schools, the interplay between public policy has been rather volatile, thanks to both state and federal constitutions mandating an ever shifting degree…show more content…
This is seemingly ironic, given that the Constitution that provides for the law of the land, routinely gets interpreted, amended, and even subject to judicial tests. Yet even that fundamental part of The Bill of Rights, that seems to be ignored, serves as a historical reminder that we have all been endowed by our “creator”. There seems to be no shortage of opinions, rhetorical comments, or argumentative statements that can be read in many print articles, weblogs, and forums across the internet. Just a few minutes of reviewing search engine retrievals, for topics such as ID or Evolution, can quickly suggests a landscape of bruised and battered egos, tones of defiance, and highly emotional opinions on both ends of the divide. Basically, the scientific community in today’s academia holds many positions that are counter to the ID movement. The idea that ID is close-minded since it forces observations to conform to one’s beliefs rather that forcing one’s beliefs to conform to the evidence of observations. Another view is that ID is dishonest because it points to a false controversy, stating that ID is not accepted by the scientific community or allowed to be published – when in fact, there are no statistics to support the evidence of scientific study to validate such a controversy. The scientific community also (seems to) suggest that ID’s

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