Orthopaedic Clinic Case Study

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1&3. List the complaints and how would you categorize the complaints? A. Service B. Clinical quality or patient safety or C. Environmental • Concerns about the nurses’ lack of knowledge in regards to what medication she was giving the patient and why, also no explanation as to why Aricept was not given but famotidine was. This complaint includes level of service given to patient by staff, the safety of patient as to whether or not staff members are properly trained and also double check that medications given to patients are those prescribed by their doctor, plus clinical quality of service and care is part of this complaint because lack of training and ongoing mentoring is necessary in order for your staff members to be able to properly…show more content…
I would apologize for our lack of care, concern and safety in regards to the quality of care given to the patient. I would ask them to explain their concerns to me and when the incidences took place. I would acknowledge their concerns let them know I’m here for them if any other issues come up and will work quickly to solve the problems at hand. Meeting with the staff members involved I would ask them their side of the story, why they feel these issues took place and ask their help to find solutions to the problems. Next working with management and staff as a team our focus will be to figure out why these issues happened in the first place and find solutions to fix the issues so that they are never repeated. Lastly it is my plan to keep the patient and family members apprised of the situation and how it’s…show more content…
How complaints are handled determine how patients and families perceive the NH. Families are 6 times more likely to contact a lawyer when issues arise and are not handled appropriately along with the fact that wronged customers are 8 times more likely to tell others about their negative experience which can impact business and referral services hesitate to refer clients to facilities that have complaints lodged against them. Quality of care should be the focus of all staff members and the best care is only achievable with proper ongoing training, monitoring and mentoring. The power point slides mentioned 12 things that make customers
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