Orual As A Villain

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The role of a villain is central in the plot of many stories. However, an often overlooked aspect of the villain is that they are not just evil. While some villains, particularly flat ones, may be purely black or white, human villains are much more nuanced. Instead, the villains tend to be a shade of grey, with justifications for their actions which could be determined by some to be reasonable. Sometimes such a villain thinks that he or she is helping others. In Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, Orual is portrayed as a villain - as demonstrated by her inner and outward ugliness - because of her treatment of others as a result of her selfishness, which Lewis uses to demonstrate to the reader how selfishness prevents true love. The first of…show more content…
As said by Redival, through the mouth of Tarin, “‘[f]irst of all Orual loved me much; then the Fox came and she loved me little; then the baby came and she loved me not at all’” (Lewis 289). This neglect of her own sister after someone better comes along is evidence of her selfishness. If Orual was not selfish, she would have still spent time with Redival. Orual had left her sister behind, resulting in a disconnect and Redival feeling even more excluded and alone than Orual herself. While Orual is innocent of doing this on purpose, it is still not something that a selfless person who cares about those around her would do. Yet another part of this situation is the jealousy that Orual feels towards Redival. For example, when the slaves were remarking on Redival’s beautiful hair being cut, Orual thought,”[t]hey had not said anything like that while I was being shorn” (Lewis 5). Orual’s jealousy of Redival allows Orual to shun her even more than she already had, because Redival - in Orual’s mind - would be beautiful either way. This beauty was thought by Orual to outweigh anything else which makes her feel justified in neglecting Redival. By neglecting her, Orual demonstrates her inner ugliness and shows a lack of love for
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