Orwell 's 1984 By George Orwell

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The “Orwellian” Truth Have you ever thought you have been led to believe something? Or been shown something, maybe even on purpose, to change your opinion and feel scared to make you feel the need to be protected? In the novel 1984 by George Orwell this is exactly what the government did. Big Brother lied, contradicted himself and would hide reality from the people. All of this to make the people of Oceania would love their government and feel like their government created the best life possible to those people. Now,how is our government, the United States of America, related to this? A novel written in 1948, in a way predicted a lot of similarities through government leadership that is seen today, which it sort of baffling to think about. For instance, in the novel there are ministry 's for the government, one of the ministry 's is called the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Truth is a very ironic name, as well as the other ministry names in the novel. It is ironic because it does nothing but tell lies to the people of Oceania. In this ministry the workers re-write history and remove people from the history books to make it seem they were never even alive. For example, Winston works for the Minitrue and he had to change a speech made by Big Brother because the speech that was given had a wrong prediction by Big Brother, Winston had to change it to make it correct (Ministry of Truth). This is very similar to today through politicians, one day they say their view is

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