Orwell 's Animal Farm As A Critique Of Bourgeoisie- Proletariat Relation And How Tyranny Operates

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Dystopian Fiction and Marxist Connection: George Orwell’s Animal Farm as a critique of Bourgeoisie- Proletariat Relation and How Tyranny Operates Literature is said to be the mirror of a society and one of the major functions of it has been to make people aware of their surroundings as well as themselves. While many writers of today might digress from the true purpose of writing, the classics have always held a special place in what may be called as the awakening of the individuals. In this context, George Orwell’s Animal Farm- A Fairy Story, which is a dig at the then contemporary political scenario is one of the finest reads of 20th century that grips the readers from the very start and provides a terror inducing outlook to the world we live in. Written in a third person narrative, the book talks about a dystopian society where pigs become the ruler and create slavery like conditions for the other animals. One of the most enthralling elements of the novel is its timelessness and a universal appeal. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the book is a touchstone to understand what kind of government one is living under. Orwell was a socialist whose two famous works- 1984 and Animal Farm talk about the menaces of society which start as a democracy but slowly turn to dictatorship. The horrors of being slaves without even knowing you are one are portrayed by allegorical approach. The book critiques communist and capitalist societies and explains how they function. Antonio
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