Orwell's Warning in 1984

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The prophetic nightmare of George Orwell gives us many warnings that are becoming increasingly true in our modern society; however, among all of the auguries and prediction none rival his warning about the severity of our reliance on technology. He shows us the dangers of technology through the protagonist Winston’s eyes. The prophecies in this novel are ones that we need to head in today’s society. With apparent advancements in technology we have begun to fall down the same awful Orwellian spiral, loosing to technology our privacy and thought. To truly understand the connection between the technological takeover in Orwell’s book and the one in modern American society we must understand all of its facets, and delve into connection between what we see happening all too fast in our world, and what is happening the Winston’s world. We must know what a good technology is, as to not cast our self from things that only give us help, and identify how a bad technology is different. When we understand these two concepts, and their differences, we can begin looking for real world examples, and their connections in Orwell’s masterpiece. Infringements on privacy and on human thought will be seen in the actions of the NSA, and in the degrading of the English language. Connections from the book will allow use to realize that we are experiencing this issues, but more importantly where these issues may lead us. Through examining these examples, and their real world connections, we may
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