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December 12, 2013 The Importance of Childhood in Oryx And Crake In Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake we see the cause and effect of how our childhood and how we are raised has a large correlation to what type of adult we become. Through the character of Jimmy and later his new persona Snowman, the reader is shown the detrimental effects of an abandoned childhood. Not only do Jimmy’s poor choices in his adult life have a clear link to his neglected and unguided childhood they also create an adult that is emotionally damaged and unable to see the right path in his life even when he wants to. Atwood’s similarities between Jimmy and Snowman and their relationship in his childhood through to adulthood clearly exemplify the cause and…show more content…
Having never experienced a positive way to express his feeling in his childhood it caused him to be so cold and empty in side. He was as inhuman and void of emotions as his small childhood pet. Once the world’s inhabitants are wiped out, Snowman is left with the task of taking care of the Crakers. Whether it is the fact that Snowman wants to be the parent he never had, or if he just simply doesn’t want to lose his only somewhat human interactions, it is evident that he cares about these creatures. In the time of crisis he exhibits a compassionate reasonability toward the Crakers because it is his duty to look after the new race of humans. Perhaps the only positive by product of his dysfunctional childhood is that he knows what it is like to be deserted and left uncared for so he strives now in his adulthood as Snowman to protect the Crakers as best he can. Even though Crakers original vision for these creature was to make them Godless and without art, Snowman taught them things in there “childhood” that contradicted there original thoughts. Snowman teaches them about the world and tries to make them understand their surroundings better, even though his explanations make him feel isolated and alone; reminding him of the sad childhood that he had. He gives them something to believe in and he teaches them right from wrong. He becomes the parent that he wishes he had had. Atwood seems to marvel or poke fun at what our youth can

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