Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

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Not a lot goes on in Chapter 1. In Chapter 1 the main focus is that the readers are introduced to Snowman. Chapter 1, starts off with the section Mangoes. We are introduced to Snowman. The next Section is titled Flotsam. In Flotsam,Snowman is sitting at the beach sucking on a mango. He is worried that something will happen to the children when swimming in the lagoon. The children show him a bag of trinkets, and ask Snowman what they are. Also, the children question Snowman about his gray facial hair. The section ends with him telling the children to go away. The final section of the chapter is titled Voice. It is described in this section that Snowman is very lonely. There is a description of Snowman’s body in this section. He has bug bites, gray hair, and yellow toenails. The section ends with while staring at his body, he hallucinates thinking there is a female voice talking to him. In Chapter 2 the first section, is titled Bonfire. In this section, we finally learn Snowman’s real name is Jimmy. He starts of recalling memories from the past like that he burnt his hair with his mom’s lighter. The second section is titled Inorganic Farms. In Organic Farms, is where Jimmy’s father worked. Jimmy’s father is an important person because he contributed to the “pigeon project”. The pigeon project was when human organs were used for transplantation. This section ends with Jimmy’s luxurious childhood home being described. The final section of this chapter is titled Lunch. In
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