Osama Bin Laden As The Political Figure For My Project

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I chose Osama Bin Laden as the political figure for my project because I have always wanted to see the unbiased side of his story and that’s exactly what I got from Michael Scheuer. People all over the world saw Osama has the face of terrorism. People have to look past the mass murderer, terrorist, and at times the most wanted man in the world. You have to look at him as the intelligent person that he was. Osama for two decades was allowed to rebel, conducting a private guerilla war against America. His goals were to get American troops out of Saudi Arabia, to preserve the religious integrity of the Hijaz, and to punish America for supporting Israel and hope that Israel could cease to exist and its Jews scrubbed from the Holy Land. The greatest impact Bin Laden had on America were the attacks on 9/11 which was when he and Al Qaeda successfully hijacked four commercial aircrafts, two crashed into the World Trade Center (Twin Towers). The third crashed into the pentagon in Arlington Virginia, and the fourth was successfully retaken by the passengers and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The people of America wanted to know what could cause someone to do these gruesome acts. Michael Scheuer really helped show his childhood. Osama wasn’t always a terrorist, he was a innocent child. He was an outstanding student at Al Thagher. Correspondingly, he received an invitation to join a islamic study group in hope to receive extra credit. He and other Jedda family members joined

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