Osama Bin Laden : Holy Warrior Or Treacherous Murderer?

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Matan Itah
Period 5, 6 Humanities

Osama Bin Laden: Holy Warrior or Treacherous Murderer?

Osama Bin Laden was once the most feared and influential terrorist in the Middle East. Born in Saudi Arabia, and raised as a devout Muslim, he began to question whether or not Western Civilization is a religiously acceptable thing. Once a multi-millionaire, Bin Laden gave up all his wealth in order to lead a new terrorist force. He killed thousands, forcing Muslim extremist values onto the people of the Middle East. He was leader and founder of the powerful terrorist group Al-Qaeda, orchestrator of the 9/11 attacks and made it on FBI’s most wanted list. Was he actually a religious hero, a holy warrior, a man of god? What separates Bin Laden from the many other people who have fought for what they believe is right? Osama was against two things: Westernism and Judaism. Osama was a devout muslim, and was convinced that American and Western views were corrupting Islamic tradition. According to Elaine Landau, “The militant fundamentalists do not want Western corruption to infect the Muslim world.” He passionately believed in the Jihad, a war against enemies of Islam. The famous theorist stated, “Jihad is not confined to the summoning of troops and the establishment of huge forces. It takes various forms; from all the territories of Islam, there should arise a group of people reinforced with faith, well equipped with means and methods; and then let them set out to attack the
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