Osama Bin Laden

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Osama bin Laden’s hatred towards the United States drove him to do horrifying and unreasonable things. This is one example of why I believe mankind in inherently evil.
“The human world, it’s a mess..” (Sebastian) This quote said by Sebastian the crab from the movie The Little Mermaid. And the reason I chose to open up this essay with it is because it’s true. The human world is corrupted and full of sin, lust, pride, selfishness, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, rudeness, and so many other evil things.
There are many people I can use as an example to support my argument. But Osama bin Laden stood out to me the most. Not only did he kill thousands of people, he planned the whole entire thing out, to every detail. He also didn’t feel remorse for
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This small group he originally started had begun to expand. In 1998, Osama led attacks in Kenya and Tanzania. These bombings are known today as the Embassy Bombings. This was what caught the attention of the American population. After noticing Osama’s group as a threat President Clinton ordered retaliation missiles against Afghanistan. (Bodansky)
When you say Osama bin laden people immediately associate the name with the 9/11 attacks. This man was responsible for it. On September 11, 2001 nineteen hijackers took over four flights. Their targets were The World Trade Center in New York City and The Pentagon near Washington, D.C.
At around 8:45am the first plane hit the North Tower. Killing about 1,400 people. When people saw this they immediately thought it was just a mistake. Then at 9:03am the second plane crashes into the South Tower. As soon as this happened people began to understand that this was no accident. At 9:37am Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. It is safe to say that these attacks caused mass chaos. Approximately 2,606 people were killed in the Tower attacks and all 64 passengers and 125 employees were killed in the Pentagon attack.
According to bin Laden, “The reason for killing Americans was because of the ‘jihad’, which means religious war. Bin laden stated, the U.S as the “worst civilization by history of mankind.” He went on to

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