Osbourne Reynolds Demonstration

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1.0 ABSTRACT The objectives of handling this experiment are to study the characteristics of laminar, turbulent and transition flows by calculating the Reynold’s number of each flow and by observing the behavior of the flow itself. Besides that, this experiment is in conduct in order to determine the range for laminar and turbulent flow as well as to prove that Reynold’s number is dimensionless by calculating by using the formula. The experiment was started with laminar flow. In order to obtain the laminar flow, the valve for the water inlet was adjusted so that the laminar flow can be achieved. The flows for laminar is slow, so the water inlet is small. After obtain the specific flow, amount of water was collected 5 seconds. Then, by…show more content…
The inlet valve, V1 was opened and water was allowed to enter in the stilling tank. A small overflow spillage through the overflow tube was ensurred to maintain constant level. Water was allowed to settled for a few minutes. The flow control valve was opened and the water was allowed to flow through the visualizing tube. The dye control valve, V4 was achieved when the valve slowly adjusted until a flow was slowed with dye injection Inlet valve, V1 and outlet valve, V2 was control until the straight identifiable line of dye was achieved. The flow was the laminar flow and was observed. The flow rate at outlet valve, V2 was measured using measuring cylinder and stop watch was staided for 5 seconds. It is reported for two times to desire average value. The experiment was repeated by regulated water inlet value, V1, and outlet valve V2 to produced the transitional and turbulent flow 7.0 RESULT LAMINAR FLOW (TABLE 1.1) Trial Volume (mL) Time (s) Flowrate,Q (L/s) Flowrate,Q (m3/s) Reynolds 1 14 5 0.014/5=0.0028 0.0034/1000=2.8×10 ̄⁶ 257 2 14 5 0.014/5=0.0028 0.0024/1000=2.8×10 ̄⁶ 257 3 13 5 0.013/5=0.0026 0.0026/1000=2.6×10 ̄⁶ 239 AVERAGE 251 TRANSITONAL FLOW (TABLE 1.2) Trial Volume (mL) Time (s)

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