Oscar Fingal O ' Flahertie Wilde

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n Dublin, Ireland, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wilde was born on October 16, 1864. His two parents were William Wilde, a Victorian doctor, and Jane Francesca Elgee, an artistic revolutionary. They also gave birth Willie Wilde and Isola Wilde, who eventually died at the age of ten. Overall, Wilde grew up in a family full of intelligence and creativity.
Because Wilde was raised with many intellectuals in his environment, he had the advantage of an advanced education beyond his years. As an eleven year old boy, he attended Portora Royal School in which he showed great, scholarly achievements. He found his interests in Greek subject matters and also earned awards as a full-fledged scholar. At a adolescent age, he was able to pursue his career as a young scholar by attending Trinity College, where his interests peaked in the classics. He then received a scholarship to Magdalen College of Oxford in 1874. During this time, Wilde went through a great metamorphosis in which he had found himself. Through his professors, he found beliefs of truth and beauty; that art should be valued and adored for its own sake. However, Professor Pater became the most prominent influence to Wilde’s development and pursuit of his sense of self. He emphasized that individuals should lead a life of sensual pleasure, and Wilde wanted to do this through artistic means. By 1848, he graduated with a completed degree and had written a poem called “Ravenna”. With this poem, Wilde won the Newdigate Prize,…

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