Oscar Milk Short Story

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“I haven’t given Oscar milk. He’s two now. What do I do???” That was Maxine’s burning question when she, her mother Tina, her firstborn, Oscar, and her soon-to-be-second-born, Tobias, paid me a visit in August 2012. Maxine was my best friend growing up. But it had been a while. After high school she followed Tina back to Amsterdam, where Tina was born. The August visit was a kind of reunion. The three and three-quarters of them, and my big sister, Kara, came over to my place for dinner, where Maxine’s quandary started the memories rolling. When I was little, “drink your milk” was a common refrain in most of my friends’ homes. I was always turning down glasses of milk when I went over to play with the kids down the street. But Maxine’s house
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