Oscar Romero Essay

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Remembering a Hero      You can only describe him as a man of determination. Someone who demonstrates extraordinary courage in the face of injustice and inhumanity. He had a resolute intent to do what is right, true, and just, which made him the Archbishop that people remember and make movies about. Because of him, the world was informed about basic human rights and dignities and how this was being ignored in his country of El Salvador. He took it upon himself to use the church as a light of hope to the oppressed and a challenge to the oppressors.      Oscar Romero was born in 1917 and taken away in 1980. He was appointed Archbishop in 1977. Before he served his…show more content…
Never before had a church official, with such high rank, made such a statement.      After he delt with the death of a close religious friend he experienced the loss of a close social friend, Lucia. These two knew each other for a long time, and had ancestral ties. The death of her truly meant certain death to a part of him. Both his religious and social walls had been knocked down by the government and he was becoming continually frustrated and fed-up at this point. When he was stripped in the village it is suitable to compare him to Jesus Christ. It is in the bible where too, Jesus is stripped of his clothing in public in order to embarrass and ridicule him in front of his followers and tyrants. They both fought for their beliefs and in the end won. Although, both lost their lives, we try to continually preach their messages and in doing are “ living their memory.”      I think when he made the quote, “ Peace is not the product of fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. . ., “ on January 8, 1978, he is proclaiming the real core of what his whole crusade against injustice is all about. He goes on to talk about how we must all give to the action of
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