Oscar Romero Stood Up for the Poor and Troubled Nation of El Salvador

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Óscar Romero was a Roman Catholic priest that stood up for the poor and injustice in the troubled nation of El Salvador. In the early stages of his life, Romero had entered a boarding school for priests at the age of thirteen. Then he went to the national boarding school in San Salvador. He finished his studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, and was appointed a priest in Rome in 1942. Although Romero wanted to acquire a doctorate in theology, he had to go home to El Salvador in 1944 due to a lack of priests. He initially served as pastor, but because of his outstanding talent, he was marked for greater responsibilities. In 1970, he became the auxiliary bishop for San Salvador. As Romero began to rise as a notable Catholic bishop, a…show more content…
In 1989, director John Duigan created a spectacular film, which was called Romero. This film was created to depict Óscar Romero’s organizing peaceful protests against a violent military regime, as well as his death. Óscar Romero used his voice of power in the Church and in the country to speak up for the poor. When important political figures in the country told him to be quiet and to stop speaking out against these injustices, he refused, often putting his own body in between his people and their perpetrators. His defense of the Salvadoran people was very effective in protecting them from the senseless violence and oppression by the Salvadoran government. He was truly a hero. He advocated human rights without the use of violence or harm to others, he used his voice to bring justice to the citizens of El Salvador. He should be remembered as a strong-willed advocate. Óscar Romero did not give up, “’As a Christian,’ he remarked on one such occasion, ‘I do not believe in death without resurrection. If they kill me, I shall rise again in the Salvadoran people’” (UN). Oscar Romero had a tremendous impact in El Salvador, in the rest of Latin America, and in the rest of the world. His passion for justice fueled a revolution in El Salvador that protected and gave a voice to the oppressed of El Salvador. Latin Americans throughout the rest of Central and South America hail Romero as a leader, a saint, and an example of how to live out one's faith in the face
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