Oscar Wao Character Analysis

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Love is a battlefield, for the cabral family this is true. Whether it’s Beli, Lola, or Oscar we see their constant struggle to find true love and how it shapes them. While reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz the reader sees how the Cabral’s struggle in relationships that are abusive, fatal, and fake. Most of these end with the characters more broken than before. Diaz argues through his main characters failed attempts at relationships that love is impossible to obtain who are oscar, beli, lola.
Oscar's relationships although he is committed as he is he is alway comes off to the women in his life as either really creepy or as someone who they care about only as friend. An example of this is when anna started talking to oscar he is in love but she only sees him as a friend” poor oscar without even realizing it he had fallen into the let's be friends vortex”(41) this explains the theme as we see oscar has found someone for him but this love unobtainable as she is a relationship with someone who she actually cares about. My second explanation involving
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An example of this is when oscar is talking to his Tia Rubelka she explains how his mom was”your mother his Tia rubella had once whispered was loca when it came to love it almost killed her”(45). We see now where oscar gets his obsession with wanting a girlfriend. We also see that beli was someone who struggled in love due to having very strict ideas of love. We see this during this during her time that she started to have feelings for the gangster”even a hard headed girl like beli committed as she was to an idealized notion of what love was”(125) This explains why love is impossible to reach for Beli as she not only has an ideal of love but those she truly loves end up only seeing her for her body and not for her feelings that she has and they really just don’t care for her
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