Essay on Oscar Wao is the Zafa to the Fuku

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Oscar Wao is without doubt the Zafa to the Fuku and let me tell you why. In the novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz, Oscar lives a life full of regret, sorrow and hopelessness. As Dominican male, getting girls is not just a fun thing to say around friends. It is part of the Dominican lifestyle. If you can “get girls,” you are respected and are living the so called Dominican way. For Oscar, he thought he had it all when he was young. He had the girls and the confidence. That is, until, he hit his teens...Oscar suffered a very tough breakup that would not just affect him for a week or so, but for about the next fifteen years of his life. Oscar turned to Science-Fiction, help him get through. He loved everything from…show more content…
This attitude that Oscar conveyed is not the best when trying to make friends.
While at Rutgers, Oscar thought he had something going with a girl named Jenni Muñuz. They became pretty good friends, getting into deep conversations and telling each other secrets. Oscar only imagined the relationship developing into Jenni becoming his girlfriend. The Fuku had to be getting the best of Oscar at this point, as Jenni found another guy that she made her boyfriend. Again, Oscar was more than crushed. His heart had cracked into a million pieces, glued back together and the shattered again. Oscar was in such bad shape after Jenni found a boyfriend that he decided to commit suicide. Luckily for Oscar, he survived his jump from the bridge as he landed safely on the median. Oscar makes it through college and finds a nice job teaching at his old high school in New Jersey. It is not until a much needed trip to the Dominican Republic where his attitude starts to change.
Oscar continued to teach at his old high school in New Jersey, sad and depressed everyday for three years, that is until his trip to Santo Domingo. Oscar forgot how much he had missed spending time in the Dominican. His mind was no longer filled to the brim with disappointment, stress and the feeling of being depressed. For the first time in a while, he saw beautiful
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