Oscar Wilde Influences

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Known for his unique writing style, prominence in the Decadence movement, art critiques, and imprisonment for homosexuality, Oscar Wilde is one of the most well known Irish authors of all time. Oscar Fingal O'flahertie Willis Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin Ireland. His father, Sir William Wilde, was a successful aural surgeon, and his mother, Jane Francesca Elgee, was a revolutionary poet and a great supporter of the Irish nationalist movement. Her passion for literature had an obvious impact on Oscar Wilde, as well as on his brother Willie Wilde, who went on to become a journalist and poet. Wilde also had a younger sister, Isola, who died at the age of ten. During his childhood, Wilde was able to interact with well-known artists, doctors, and other influential intellectuals that his parents knew. These interactions probably had a lasting influence on Oscar Wilde’s beliefs and attitudes. When Wilde was eleven years old, he had the opportunity to attend Portora Royal School, where he became especially interested in Greek and Roman. He excelled in his studies throughout his time at Portora, and he graduated in 1871 with the Royal School Scholarship. This allowed him to attend Trinity College in Dublin, where he also went on to receive the school’s Foundation Scholarship, the highest award given to undergraduates. When he graduated in 1874, he was awarded several other awards, such as the Berkeley Gold Medal and the Demyship scholarship for further study at
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