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Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde himself would probably admit that his life had many incredible events that themselves would make an exceedingly gripping play, his unequalled rise to become the chief celebratory of his day and his dramatic fall from grace due to his arch rival, lord Queensbury. Oscar Wilde was born among the highest social circles of Dublin Ireland to two very unique and individual parents. His father was widely regarded as the best eye and ear surgeon in the whole of Great Britain and is still today looked upon as the founder of that specific medical branch. His mother, a self-proclaimed genius, was a committed feminist and a key member and open supporter of The Irish independence movement. This unusual couple…show more content…
It is somewhat ironic that Wilde himself, like a character in a play, would fall from grace many points during his lifetime and live amongst society's forgotten souls. Wilde's parents had a healthy interest in superstition and the supernatural. This rubbed off on Wilde and this influenced many of his works and also upon the way he dressed from an early age, small mementos and rings created a dress code that would be on a parallel with today's 'gothic' dressers. This eccentricity was encouraged by his mother who believed that eccentricity and genius went hand in hand. Oscar Wilde was schooled in the fashion that was expected of the upper middle classes at that time. When he was old enough he was sent to the top public school in Ireland at that time, The Portora Royal School. His headmaster, a good friend of his father, was extremely keen on the classics and this was reflected upon in the schools syllabus. Wilde won many prizes even though he was widely regarded as sloppy and this signalled the start of a distinguished education. Wilde then moved first to Trinity College in Dublin where he won a succession of academic awards. Wilde then prospered in his third centre of education Magdalen College, Oxford. Oscar was popular with teachers and pupils alike. He was so popular with his lecturers that he spend four months with one of the most influential lecturers

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