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Casey Haddox
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June 3, 2012 Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde’s hopeful and romantic voice welcomes readers to a different point of view on poetry and life. Wilde uses strong and bold words to emphasize what he is truly feeling and to set a tone for the reader. He is a passionate and idealistic writer and isn’t afraid to express real emotion to his audience. His writing truly portrays his characters and refers to his past and real events that he had gone through. Was Oscar Wilde able to capture the meaning of love throughout his poetry to convey his true feelings during his life time? Oscar Wilde connects the meaning of Her Voice to be the words of a women falling in and out of a relationship (Finemen, Kelly).
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The three stanzas in this poem are written in quatrains which are four lined stanzas. Wilde uses a rhyme scheme of ABAB and iambic pentameter, which are commonly used in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Wilde’s poem is more of a rough and sorrowful love, and not as emotional due to his quick rhyming scheme,
Her Voice by Oscar Wilde is said to be a dialogue with the matching poem My Voice also written by Oscar Wilde, likely between either his wife or his former girlfriend (Finemen, Kelly). Both poems talk about the end of a relationship, but Wilde is conveying the words of two different people from two completely different views. The woman that Wilde portrays in Her Voice uses far more words and a better way of getting to her point. The man’s view is shorter and assumes far more of the weight of responsibility for the relationships failure. (Finemen, Kelly) All of this runs into real life facts of Wilde’s life, having been sent to jail for homosexuality he came out of jail a ruined and sickly man after losing his wife and two children as he states in his poem My Voice.
Madonna Mia by Oscar Wilde is a short soft spoken poem about a boy in love with a girl he will never have. In the first few lines of the poem Wilde describes the girl completely, “With brown, soft hair close braided by her ears, and longing eyes half veiled by slumberous tears.” He uses imagery and similes to compare her beauty to
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