Oscar Wilde 's Life And Accomplishments

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Born to a privileged home in Dublin, Ireland during in the midst of the Victorian Age, Wilde 's parents never expected that their son was going to be considered one of the greatest novelists, essayists, poets, and playwrights that Ireland had ever seen. From a young age, Oscar Wilde was constantly immersed in a sea of literature and poetry, having his parents read to him every Irish children 's book they could find. His fervor for literature persisted throughout his entire life. He received the highest undergraduate literary honor at Trinity College, then proceeded to receive an award for best English verse while he attended Oxford. He was an outspoken social critic and literary figure in London, and was accredited for being a staunch supporter of the Aestheticism Movement. His literary fame came to a crash after a scandal about his having homosexual relations with a young man caught public ear, and he spent the latter part of his life locked away in a prison cell. Wilde finally died in 1900, leaving an insurmountable legacy of being one of the first advocates for Aestheticism and homosexuality.
The gamut of Wilde 's writings spans all the way from dramatic plays to jovial short stories. However, whether it be a novel or a poem, certain reoccurring themes and techniques appear frequently in the majority of his works. In between the lines lay the reoccurring themes of Darwinism, the criticism of the bourgeois, and homosexuality. Furthermore, techniques that Wilde would…
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