Oscar Wilde's Victorian Stage Melodrama, An Ideal Husband Essay examples

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Oscar Wilde began to write An Ideal Husband in the summer of 1893, he completed it later that winter. At the time of when it was written, he was familiarised to success, and in writing this play he wanted to guarantee himself to stay in the public eye. An ideal husband is one of the most serious social comedies that Oscar Wilde published, it contains bold political tinges, ironically and pessimistically looking at the current political background. The central focus of the play is the corruption of great wealth, which is where the public are usually uninformed. The play is about London society throughout the mid 80s, it condemns the value of Victorian society – it can also be perceived as a social satire. The Victorian stage melodrama was…show more content…
This particular stock character can be applied to Lord Goring because, he is able to resolve problems that arise throughout the play and aids other characters that are in need of his help. – Lord Goring states that he will help get Robert Chiltern out of the chaos that he is about to face. This is a typical trait of a hero as they will go to extreme lengths to help somebody out without any reward for themselves. The hero is usually in love with the heroine but is separated from her and she is left emotional and deserted – within ‘An Ideal Husband’ Lord Goring is in love with Mabel Chiltern and they two of them are unaware of their potential relationship because of the troubles that arise throughout the play but, in the last act of the play both Lord Goring and Mabel Chiltern are alone together where she confronts him about her feelings and their relationship blossoms to where Lord Goring proposes to her. This quote shows that Lord Goring has been too focused on everybody else’s problems to notice Mabel Chiltern’s feelings towards him. A villain’s characteristics are known to be: richer than most other characters but want to be even richer, normally gets their own way through threatening the weak, often a landlord/land-owner and has very little moral standards. This certain stock character can be connected to Mrs Cheveley because she causes disruption amongst several characters within the play who she sees as easy to get to

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