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The article “OSHA Inspection: What to Do When OSHA Calls” was written by John Coniglio with the intended audience of any company that may be visited by OSHA. Mr. Coniglio has been a safety professional for over 30 years and is the owner of a safety consulting service. The aim of the article is to assist companies with the proper way to deal with a visit by an OSHA inspector, taking into consideration both legal issues and the current climate of OSHA. The legal aspects of an OSHA visit are myriad: what authority and rights does the inspector have, what is the purpose of the visit, what rights employers and employees have during the visit, and what are the proper responses after the visit if violations were noted? The author addresses all of these with the exception of the last one, as the focus is on the visit itself and minimizing findings/citations. First, basic rules for OSHA inspections per the OSH Act are addressed. OSHA inspectors’ rights are they can inspect any work facility or site during normal work hours after presenting identification. Among other rules addressed in the same section of the Act are the right for the employer and representatives to accompany the inspector, and the right for employees to request an inspection and their right to anonymity in order to protect themselves from possible retribution (Coniglio, 2010). The legal case of Marshall vs. Barlow’s Inc. is also cited for further reference, as this case determined that the OSH Act cannot allow

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