Osha Inspection Report

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A Inspection Report OSHA inspection report presents the findings from Acme Electronics, a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer located in Los Angeles, CA. The company is a original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many large computer manufacturers. The facility comprises 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and an additional 20,000 square feet for offices and the warehouse. The final products are PCI boards that go into desktop computers. In this assembly line setting, there are several categories of safety issues that were inspected including ergonomics, hazardous materials and chemicals handling, protective equipment, good procedures and training, and maintenance. Item 1: Are approved safety glasses required (and being) worn at all times on the production floor? PASS. All employees were wearing safety glasses while working, and signs were posted. Item 2: Do the employees have adequate seating and lighting? FAIL. Some workstations fluorescent bulbs burned out, making it difficult for operators to see. Replace bulbs. Item 3: Are hazardous materials stored properly? PASS. All hazardous material (solder and flux) were stored in the properly labeled cabinets. Item 4: Is all proper safety equipment worn by operators? FAIL. Some operators did not wear protective gloves during unloading of hot PCBs from the reflow oven. Retraining is required. Item 5: Are storage areas free from tipping hazards? PASS. All materials were put away safely. Item 6: Is proper
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