Osi Reference Model And The Osi Model

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Data Networking Assignment No-2 1. OSI REFERENCE MODEL • The OSI model is a reference model. It does not specify how a protocol or technology should work but it determines how and where to open its standards. It consists of seven layers: • Physical layer: Cables, Wires, Voltages, boosting devices, Pin outs which are physical or physical in nature are all included in the Physical layer of the OSI model. Here the transmission between two communicating devices or channels takes place in the form of bits or electrical signals. • Data Link Layer: Data link layers provides the facility to establish communication between two networked devices. It performs various tasks like error correction, compression, correct transmission errors, synchronization of characters and frames etc. Some of the specified protocols on the layer 2 technology are PPP, HDLC, ATM etc. • Network layer: The network layer is responsible for routing the datagrams to particular destination. It learns all the path to reach a particular destination and selects the best path to reach the destination. The IP Protocol stack has a lot of protocols like RIP, IGRP, BGP etc. • Transport layer: It is responsible for end to end delivery of segments. It is responsible for error free reliable delivery of packets. Flow control is the responsibility of the Transport layer. TCP and UDP are the two protocols which are a part of the Transport layer for delivery of segments. • Session layer: Session layer manages the service

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