Oskar Schindler Hero

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World war 2 was full of many obvious hero’s like the courageous solders and the devoted nurses but what many people forget about are the lesser know hero’s, people who do good away from the battle field like Oskar Schindler. Schindler a business man that changed his view on the war and saved hundreds of lives. In war, a time of bloodshed and loss one person can make a huge difference to the lives of others, particularly those high up in the social hierarchy. Oskar Schindler did good by making sure that no harm would come to the Jews that worked for him, therefore saving hundreds of lives. Oskar Schindler did many heroic actions in World War 2, and the context in which he did was amazing. Schindler had a list, a list of life, a list that contained…show more content…
When he heard about this he ran to the train station and he bribed, threated and mentioned the names of some of his Nazi friends until he was able to take his workers back to the factory, saving their lives. In early 1943 the Nazis wanted to do the final liquidation of the Krakow ghetto, they wanted to send the healthy prisoners to labour camps and the rest were either killed at the spot or sent to death camps and gas chambers. Schindler knew that most of his workers were situated there and he knew death would be their fate. Schindler wouldn’t allow any of his employees to die so he used his well-practised skills in bribery and threats to assure they lives would be spared. He used his power and his position high up in the social hierarchy to persuade the officials that his factory and therefore they workers there were essential to the war effort. He also had the idea to have a camp build beside his factory so the Jews would be away from the inhumane brutality of the Nazis. Schindler saved 1200 Jews during the Holocaust and did actions only a pure hero could do.

“He who saves a single life saves the world entire.” In the moments that Oskar Schindler heard these words his view on the war changed dramatically. It went from a chance to make hundreds but to saves hundreds. Some may disagree but one individual can make a huge difference at the time of war.
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