Oskar Schindler 's Influence On His Life

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His accomplishments have benefited those throughout his life. Although his kindness for his fellow man ran deep, so did his greed for boosting his own personal status within the community. There are still those today that believe that Oskar Schindler only saved the Jews for his own personal gain, but there are also those that believe that he did it out of kindness. Whether he did it out of good morale or simply for his own greed, Oskar Schindler accomplished many things within his life, such as saving the Jews, helping the economy, and being a German spy.
During his younger years, Schindler grew up within a rich lifestyle, leading to him being a very greedy and power hungry man. He never missed an opportunity to gain a profit, so he followed the path of the SS in Poland. This path led him to the black markets and the underworld of Poland, which is where he befriended the SS. This friendship led to his ownership of his own factory. Also around the time of the extermination of the Jews, Schindler began to falter in his cynical ways of thinking once he saw the full cruelty of the Nazi 's. For he once stated "If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car, wouldn 't you help him?” (Susan Pottinger, Schindler 's Biography). So with a change of heart, his factory became the gateway to saving the lives of thousands of people of the Jewish nature. His accountant, being Jewish himself, began to use this to his advantage and began to guide Schindler into hiring more Jewish workers,…

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