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Osky Blue, a web designer in Frisco, TX, recently had the opportunity to help Botsford Financial LLC improve SEO, clean up web presence, and boost leads. How did Osky pull that off? By creating a fresh new website.
Botsford Financial’s new website is far from a keyword-stuffed SEO machine. It demonstrates all of the finest insider SEO techniques while also abiding by the “content is king” golden rule. Beautiful imagery, easily accessible contact information, and a clear sense of purpose dominate Botsford’s web presence.
Botsford’s Trusted Financial Solutions Demanded a Trustworthy Website
In short, Botsford provides asset planning services to clients. Estate planning, retirement preparation, and tax efficiency all fall under the umbrella of
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A message from the founder prominently welcomes site visitors, and the remaining team members are featured in a scrolling list below the fold.
All told, a visitor to Botsford Financial’s new website will learn the mission of the company, the services offered, and the team members all without having to click on a single button.
A Click-Free Experience: Providing All of the Necessary Information In a Single Scroll
Bounce rate and page visit duration are important signals to Google’s algorithm—can a web designer in Frisco, TX keep people on a web page long enough to make a meaningful SEO impact? The answer is yes!
By offering website visitors every piece of crucial information without requiring them to click on a single button, Osky Blue increased the amount of time visitors spend on the home page. Visitors simply have to scroll down to read a chronologically progressive timeline of information. The end result? Fantastic page duration times and an improved click through rate—as customers become more familiar with the brand, the more likely they are to click through to another page.
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