Osmosis And Diffusion Of Living Organisms

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OSMOSIS AND DIFFUSION IN LIVING ORGANISMS Lissette Zepeda (General Biology I Lab –Sections U07 & U38) Panther ID:5544246 Oct. 01, 2015 Abstract Osmosis and diffusion are important processes in every living organism. The present study aims to show the importance of osmosis and diffusion in biology. In the experiment with dialysis bags A,B,C, and D, it is shown that the movement of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane is usually from an area of high solute concentration to an area of low solute concentration.…show more content…
Osmosis and diffusion are important in biological systems because they make it possible for living organisms to distribute nutrients throught their system and secrete harmful waste products and toxins out of the organism. A region where osmosis and diffusion plays a giant role in the human body is the kidney. The kidney depends on both passive and active transport to filter the blood. In the nephron system, the kidney filters our blood to balance our sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, hydrogen, phosphate, and pH levels and at the same time it eliminates uric acid and creatine. Any build up of fluid in the interstital space of the kidney would compromise kidney function and if it wasn’t for the osmotic forces, the kidney would not function.(Kurbel et al.,2002) Osmosis and diffusion also plays an important role in fishes. Tilapia is a rare fish because it can survive in both freshwater and salt water. The secret is that the fish regulates the intakes of sodium and water depending on what body of water it lives in. If it ingests too much salt the fish can dehydrate and vice versa. (Potts et al.,1967) Plants need osmosis and diffusion to stay alive and our own red cells need it to transport fluids in and out our bodies. Our cornea uses osmosis to regulate the pressure in our eyes and to hydrate our eyes. Methods and Materials Before submerging the dialysis bags inside the solutions, the first step is to fill a glass bowl with tap water and a

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