Osmosis Jones

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Jhoselyn Adames June/12/2012 Scientific Critique of "_Osmosis Jones_" SYNOPSIS The 2001 film, _"Osmosis Jones"_, focuses on the representation of the human organism and the daily conflicts a body faces in order to maintain function. The film _"Osmosis Jones"_ is a film that tries to capture the attention of children ages eight to fourteen, by exposing the mechanisms of the human body. It is able to reveal the dangers of maintaining an unhealthy diet and some of the consequences that are associated by doing so. The film illustrates that bacteria and viruses are found freely in the environment and that one must be cautious with the substances which one chooses to ingest into one's organism. "Osmosis Jones" is a film that tries to engage…show more content…
This would allow the viewers to have a more accurate visualization and representation of how the immune system combats against infection. In addition to this, they could have shown other cells such as B-cells and helper and killer T-cells; cells that play a great role in an individual's immune system. In the film "_Osmosis Jones_", B-cells could have been shown secreting antibodies while helper and killer T-cells could work alongside the white blood cells. Furthermore, Drix should have been an antibiotic for the reason that a cold pill focuses on relieving cold systems such as sore throats or runny noses while an antibiotic is able to kill bacteria and prevent it from reproducing. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM TRUE REPRESENTATION OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Throughout the film, the central nervous system was represented as the controlling centre of the body. The mayor's office was located within the brain and had the ability to control the entire body. The hypothalamus, shown to be located in the center of the brain (in Thrax's brain model), is correctly shown throughout the film as well. As mentioned several times, the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling body temperature and hence forth, the central nervous system is responsible for maintain homeostasis throughout the body. In the film when the brain sent out signals throughout the body, the signals where shown as electricity running down wires. This analogy is actually quite accurate for the reason that
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