Osmosis Lab Report Essay

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Natasha Tenen
Lab: Thursday (3-6 pm) OSMOSIS LAB REPORT

Osmosis is a special type of diffusion where water molecules move down a concentration gradient across a cell membrane. The solute (dissolved substance) concentration affects the rate of osmosis causing it either to speed the process up or slow it down. Based on this, how does different concentrations of sucrose affect the rate of osmosis? If sucrose concentration increases in the selectivity-permeable baggies, then the rate of osmosis will increase.

The start of the experiment consisted of filling up four beakers with de-ionized water to 150 ml. After the beakers were filled to the appropriate amounts they were then labeled with the
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Group 1 received 107% for 0.0m, 109% for 0.25m, 112% for 0.5m, and 126% for 0.75m. Group 2 received 100% for 0.0m, 107% for 0.25m, 116% for 0.5m, and 117% for 0.75m. Group 3 received 100% for 0.0m, 106% for 0.25m, 114% for 0.5 m, and 117% for 0.75m. Group 4 received 100% for 0.0m, 106% for 0.25m, 113% for 0.5m, and 116% for 0.75m. Group 5 received 98% for 0.0m, 105% for 0.25m, 110% for 0.5m, and 115% for 0.75m. Group 6 received 104% for 0.0m, 108% for 0.25m, 111% for 0.5m, and 104% for 0.75m. The trend line that occurred for the rate of osmosis was an upward increase as the solute concentration increased.

The class data that was received supported the group members’ hypothesis that the rate of osmosis will increase if the sucrose concentration increases as well. The trend line that was received from the data also supported the hypothesis because it increased as the sucrose concentration increased. The initial weight gain percents were all different because all of the groups’ sugar concentrations were not completely identical. The method used wasn’t entirely accurate because there could’ve been some flaws such as some bags weren’t secured enough and might have leaked sucrose into the de-ionized water causing the results to be different. The bags might have not been washed thoroughly which could have ultimately allowed sucrose into the de-ionized water. The results could have been more accurate if the baggies were left in the

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