Osmotic Pressure

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Osmosis is a specialised form of diffusion. Water moves from an area of LOW concentration of Solute to an area of HIGH concentration of solute through a semi-or fully permeable membrane by the process.

Water moves constantly through the cell 's membrane its estimated that about 250 times the volume of a single cell moves through 1 per second

This continues until the solute concentration reaches equilibrium

It is convenient to express the available energy per unit volume in terms of "osmotic pressure". It is customary to express this tendency toward solvent transport in pressure units relative to the pure solvent.
If pure water were on both sides of the membrane, the osmotic pressure difference would be zero. But if normal human
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thats y u use weighin scales as it is easier etc.. blah.blah,blah.. soz if its written randomly as im very tired...!

try taking readings every 30 seconds for five minuties. This will be a bit too long for some of the faster experiements but doing it at this time period will mean you can get all of the slower experiemtents allowing you to produce some nice graphs but to be honest coz it 's only perliminary it doesn 't matter how many readings - long a time period you use - that 's what you want to find. But 30seconds for 5 minuites is a good place to start.

So would it be right for me to say in my prediction that the higher the concentration of salt solution the bigger the mass of the potato chip will be, and that the lower the concentration of salt solution, the smaller the mass the of the potato chip will be.

factors that affect it would be size and weight of potato.....concentration of sugar/salt solution and time the potatoes are kept in the water

oh.....(i have to say i can 't really remember but i 'll give it a shot just for you!)

if the potatoes are different sizes then more water will enter the bigger potatoes and less into the smaller ones and hence the test will be unfair..... if you start with potatoes of the same weight it will be easier for you to compare results etc


in pure water the potato will swell up cos water will enter into the cells, by osmosis. this is
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