Ossining: A Short Story

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Hello Omar,

Sorry for reaching out to you through Facebook. You probably do not remember me, but I do from school. Actually, we did not take any class together but we shared room in the writing club.

I am extremely happy by all your achievements, keep up with the good work. At this point you probably asking, what does this guy wants? which I understand. As you know Ossining has a big hispanic community and we all have something in common, sports, more specific soccer. I run a soccer team and we usually play in other towns where tournaments take place. I have been looking around to organize a tournament of my own and I thought Ossining would be a great place. Unfortunately, I don’t know who is the right person to speak with. I have reached out to some folks in town without any luck.
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Although my primary motivation is to obtain your insights and advice, I would also welcome any assistance you might be able to offer as I seek this
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