Osteopathic Physician Personal Statement

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Sunny days were filled with tropical weather adventures and blissful curiosity, satisfied through exploration. Being raised in Haiti, gave me the chance to interact within a diverse culture. This has shape my optimistic outlook on the future. Growing up in a deprived community, tough times existed, so it was easy to become discouraged, but with a closer look, I soon realized that tougher people existed there too. The caring heart and resilient characteristic that I exude serves as a testament to the values that were carved from a diverse background. I intend to use these qualities to guide me to the realization of my dream, which is practicing medicine as an Osteopathic physician. My family and I later moved to the United States. While adjusting…show more content…
In order to test my dedication to medicine, I worked as a Certified Nurse Assistance (CNA). My experience as a CNA left me with a desire for more medical experience. Around this time, I decided to join the service. I enlisted into the U.S Air Force as an aerospace medical technician. Joining the U.S Air Force provided more than just medical skills. The U.S Air Force core values also supplement my medical training. The core values are Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. Out of all my medical experiences, my position as an Aerospace Medical Technician has allowed me to be stimulated with insight within the medical field. This has given me opportunities to serve my fellow airmen and country in their moments of need. This also allows me to closely observe a working physician. As a military medic I was held to a high standard, this help me develop a level of maturity for medicine that I would not have gain otherwise. I even had the chance to sharpen skills with procedures such as tracheotomy, intubation and traumatic emergencies scenario. The Air Force Medical experience helped strengthen my love for…show more content…
My decision to practice osteopathic medicine comes from the love that have developed for the philosophy of this type of medicine. I understand that given the opportunity to study medicine will also give me a chance to develop formal medical knowledge and expand my medical leadership abilities. This will help me accomplish my overall goal of expanding the medical organization operation that is involved in treating patients in underserved communities around the
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