Osteoporosis And How It Begins

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Osteoporosis and How It Begins
Common fractures that occur in the spine, hips, and wrist are frequently related to osteoporosis. Sometimes mild stressors such as coughing or bending over may cause a fracture of brittle and weakened bones related to osteoporosis. Bone is live tissue that is continuously damaged and repaired.
Out with the Old, In With the New
Osteoporosis takes place when the removal rate of the old bone tissue is faster than the formation of new bone. Normally in the beginning stages of bone loss there are no symptoms exhibited. When weakness has developed in the bones due to osteoporosis, some signs and symptoms that appear are: height loss, forward bent posture, back pain or fractures that occur easily. Bones are regenerated continuously, the aged bone is destroyed as the new bone is created. As the body ages, and the process of old bones being broken down occurs at a quicker rate than new bone being formed, this process decreases bone mass. The chances of developing osteoporosis is influenced by the amount of bone mass developed in adolescent years. An elevated bone mass at peak level indicates the amount of bone present and indicates that you have less chances to develop osteoporosis with age (Mayo Clinic, 2014).
Bone Density Test
A common test used to determine the health of bones is a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test. This test can detect osteoporosis, risks for fractures, and assess treatment response. A dual energy x-ray absorptiopmetry (DXA) test is
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