Osteoporosis Disease And Its Prevention

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According to World Health Organization (2004), osteoporosis is a disease that affects the victim’s bones causing them to reduce in their density and be more vulnerable to fracture. It has been proved to be directly related to the mass of bones that an individual manages to attain during both his/her childhood and adolescent stages of life. Doctors have continued to emphasize the preventive approach to this disease encouraging parents to ensure that their children practice healthy habits which, as they emphasize, can literally lead them to breaking their bones during later stages of life. Such a great emphasis is put majorly because the disease has got no cure. This write up presents research findings on osteoporosis disease and its prevention starting from early childhood.
According to Lucas (2006), bones form the framework which allows the growth of any child. He notes that bones, as living tissues, have the tendency to change and that whenever this is happening, certain bones are replaced by the newly developed ones. In his illustration, he explains that during the two early stages of life, that is childhood and adolescence, there is a larger number of bones being deposited with the growth of the skeleton than those which are being formed. He notes that the child’s bone mass normally increases till the child reaches his/her 20s. At this point, the individual’s bones attain their peak bone mass which is basically a point at which the bone has reached its highest…
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