Osteoporosis Disease

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World wide there are 8.9 million fractures every 3 seconds due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a skeleton disease in which bones become very brittle and prone to fracture. The bones lose density, the density is the amount of bone tissue that is lost. Osteoporosis is a disease that has to do with ur bones, there are symptoms to it than can tell you if you might be getting it. There are also many treatments and medications to cure this disease, almost anyone can get this disease.
The bone mass and bone strength is decreased, due to loss of tissue. Due to the loss of bone strength and bone mass the bones are easier to break and fracture. The bone is formed on a protein base by the deposition of minerals that is particularly calcium. Out of
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One medication would be the bone remodeling process. There are two different stages of the bone remodeling process. The first stage is bone resorption. Is is the breakdown and the removal of the bones. During respiration special cells which are osteoclasts on the bone's surface dissolve bone tissue and create small cavities. The second stage is the bone formation. During formation other cells also known as osteoplasts fill the cavities with new bone tissue. Bone resorption and bone formation usually take place in close order and remain balanced. An imbalance in the bone remodeling occurs in aging in both genders. It can occur with other conditions. An imbalance can result in bone loss and eventually osteoporosis and broken bones. Another medication would be anabolic drugs. Teriparatide, a form of parathyroid hormone increases the rate of bone formation and is in a distinct category of osteoporosis medicines called anabolic drugs. The goal of treatment with teriparatide is to build bone and lower the risk of breaking bones. This is the only medicine for osteoporosis approved by the FDA that rebuilds bone. There are also antiresorptive medicines. Biphoneates, calcitonin, denosumab, estrogen and estrogen agonists/antagonists are an antiresorptive medicines. They slow the bone loss that occurs in the breakdown part of the remodeling cycle. When people start taking these medications they stop losing bone as quickly as before. They still make bone at the same pace as before. The bone density may increase. The treatment goal is to prevent bone loss and lower the risk of breaking
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