Osteoporosis Is Caused By The Reduction Of Bone Density And Quality

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Osteoporosis is caused by the reduction of bone density and quality; especially in the case of the spine, hips, and wrists. It is known as the” silent epidemic”, because this disease has so symptoms and is usually not noticed until a bone fracture occurs. Some diagnostic methods are Bone mineral density measurement and classification, Peripheral dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (pDXA), CT-based absorptiometry, Quantitative computed tomography (QCT), and Quantitative ultrasound densitometry (QUS). Patients indicated for these test are ones who qualify for high risk. Osteoporosis is mostly found in women that are postmenopausal and in men 50 and older. Osteoporosis happens with age, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and it can be genetically indicated. When the body ages, bone creation is decreased, or bone degeneration is increased, or both at the same time. Without the necessary nutrients and minerals the bones start to thin out or hollow out, and this causes them to weaken and become fragile. Post -menopausal women and men over 50 are at the highest risk. But there are other factors to consider. According to the clinician’s guide to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis 01/2010, there are many risk factors to consider. In regards to lifestyle factors these are common causes or contributions to osteoporosis: Low calcium intake, high caffeine intake, alcohol (3 or more drinks/per day)smoking ( active or passive) vitamin D insufficiency, high salt intake, inadequate
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