Osteoporosis Is The Most Common Chronic

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Osteoporosis is translated from the Greek and literally means “porous bone “ .It is the most common chronic, metabolic bone disease in the U.S.A, resulting in osteopenia and fractures in spine , hip and wrist. In addition osteoporosis is progressive, and the skeletal fragility often leads to disabling fractures (hip fractures) and even death. Primary osteoporosis is a result of aging, whereas secondary osteoporosis occurs at any age, is a consequence to certain medication as well as diseases. Throughout life the skeletal system is constantly changing. Bone modeling, formation and growth of bones, occurs from birth to early adulthood resulting in increase in skeletal mass and changes in skeletal form. Naturally the peak bone mass is achieved in the third decade of life, meaning the bones are at their strongest state in human development. Bone remodeling, a response to micro trauma and stress on the bone, is a dynamic process that also occurs through life. Bone is composed of collagen type 1, a protein, minerals such as calcium and phosphate and bone forming cells (osteoblasts and osteocytes) as wells as bone resorbing cells known as osteoclasts. Calcium is a main contributor of bone strength. In fact 99% of calcium is stored in bones and teeth with one percent remaining in the blood. The process of bone remodeling is activated by stressors such as weight bearing and is necessary to maintain bone mass in an adult. It’s a dynamic process in which bone resorption is always
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