Othello: Admirable Leader but Poor Rationalist

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In William Shakespeare’s “Othello”, the main character is presented as an admirable leader but a poor rationalist. He is recognized as a hero with the qualities of vigor, charm, and eloquence. However these principles of leadership aren’t always viewed as the criteria for a leader. The battleground is, to Othello at least, is depicted as a place of admiration, where men speak truthfully to one another. Also, the given circumstances of state and warfare are rather straightforward; no one deceives Othello because as leader he should be esteemed. This one-dimensional view does not help him in issues of the heart though. Thus the main assessment of Othello must be that, even though he leads well and means well, he lacks sensible judgment and…show more content…
Othello truly believes that a malignant Turk has taken over the good Venetian within him. He still does not see that his faults are exploited by Iago and used against him. Although he kills himself in such a dignified fashion, Othello is really thinking that he was forced to do this by some unseen evil power. He never has any complete sense of tragic recognition. Shakespeare sets up Othello as his perfect leader: no one ever questions his ability to conduct an army (because he does not engage in combat during the play, this opinion must be drawn from the lack of negative sentiment from anyone in the play). He speaks well, and is widely respected. But the skills that make a good general are only applied with problem in his civilian life. Othello never asks questions of those who might be against him; instead, he believes only what is told him by those who come to him first. He believes men over women, and never thinks too deeply or critically about anything. He must be decisive, and therefore he refuses to question. In this story Othello is seen as a good man who never has been lied to until Iago; as a gracious and tough general who falls only because of the cunningness and evilness of Iago. Some may say, because Othello was possessed by evil that he is counted as a tragic hero when he dies. But since the fact that he had been faithful and honest to his wife and lieutenant he would have figured out the truth of the whole dilemma. Therefore, Othello

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