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Othello Analysis Othello is a story of jealousy and manipulation. The story of a man who believes that he deserves to have everything he wants. If anything gets in the way he may ridicule, manipulate or even fight to move it. Othello uses several different types of elements in the drama. Symbolism, Irony and Conflict are all elements that can be found in Othello. We will discuss each in detail later in the essay. The audience views characters in Othello in many different ways especially when dramatic irony causes the reader/audience to view a character differently than what another character in the drama may thing of them. Othello is very diverse play in which is holds many different elements but also gives the audience a chance…show more content…
As for emotions and feeling being hidden, no. I do believe that things tended to be written out on how characters felt and even how the audience should feel. There is power struggle between Othello and Iago as characters. Othello is the main character but with most of the drama surround Iago it seems that he way want the spotlight. My personal conclusion as a reader would have to be that if people want something bad enough they will let their emotions get the best of them. Some things just aren’t to be and being a person and being okay with what you have already is a big part if life. Being content is a struggle but only fight for what yours when it comes around and don’t take anyone else’s fame, it’s not yours. If your patient yours will come around. References Shakespeare, W. (2005). Othello [electronic version]. Retrieved from the William Shakespeare SiteMap:

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