Othello And Desdemona Essay

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chances at containing the position of lieutenant. He begins by blowing things out of proportions between Desdemona and Cassio.His main goal is to break the trust between Desdemona and Othello. He knows that every character has there hot spots and he pushes them till they snap. He notices that Cassio is a bit of a lightweight when it come to drinking, so he traps Cassio into drinking one too many drops of wine, removing him from his lieutenancy.

In act two, Iago speaks of how he can't stand Othello yet he has no reason to since he is a honest, noble, well rounded man and who is a worthy husband to Desdemona. Iago implies “Now, I do love her too, Not out of absolute lust—though peradventure. I stand accountant for as great a sin— But partly
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They had trust, loyalty, respect and real love and compassion for each other. Unlike Desdemona and Othello Emilia and Iago's relationship was the complete opposite; Iago has no respect for Emilia and treated her like she was his tool, he never showed he appreciated her and she never felt like she was enough for him. Othello and Desdemona begin the play with a strong and committed relationship, He trusts her to defend herself against the senate floor. Othello calls for her in the first act. Othello says “I do beseech you.” He is calling for someone to fetch Desdemona “and let her speak of me before her father. If you find foul in her report the trust, the office i do hold of you not only take away. But let your sentence even fall upon my life” (I.iii.134-140) Othello puts all his trust in Desdemona to speak for herself and to define her love for Othello, and if she were to say anything against him that they can sentence him to death. However, over the course of the play Iago begins to manipulate the way that Othello views Desdemona. He puts images in his mind of Cassio and Desdemona as if they were, “ as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys” (III.iii.460) Through the manipulate Othello relies on Iago's information more and more, he is reeled in so far that begins to treat Desdemona like Iago treats Emilia. In act four, scene three Othello murders Desdemona to prepare for bed,…show more content…
At the surface the two plays seem to be complete opposites. Romeo and Juliet is based of of two star crossed lover who fall madly in love but run into conflicts revolving around family conflicts.
Othello was a drama surrounding Othello who is a man of color who wins over the heart of lady Desdemona. The couple is torn apart through the manipulation of Iago. Both plays show parallels in marriages and miscommunication.

In both Romeo and Juliet and Othello both marriages are are unexpected and marry people outside the social norms. Juliet marries Romeo who is the son of a rival family. Desdemona married Othello who is a man of a different race and color. Despite the differences between the two couples they push their differences out of the way and they put their trust in love and stand up against society that tries to tear them
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