Othello, By William Shakespeare

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It is not wise to attempt to judge another purely based on their outer shell; the showmanship of one’s character is demonstrated through the goodwill and integrity of their being. Women, while commonly shown to have a weaker sense of character, could also reveal to have some of the greatest shows of genuity. In one of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies, Othello, the story revolves around Othello, a Venetian general, who marries Desdemona, the daughter of a Venetian noble. Iago – whom Othello declares as his ancient – despises him, and thus tries to destroy his marriage along with him. Othello is easily ensnared within the traps Iago sets; this causes great paranoia and distrust among Desdemona, and a series of rash decisions. Othello is pushed to the breaking point, causing him great sorrow and confusion, as the one he loves is turned into nothing more than an adulterer. Throughout the play, the motives and emotions that define characters are shown in detail for the main male characters, while very little attention is shown towards the main female characters: Desdemona and Emilia. As the kind-spirited wife of Othello, who gets framed for perjury in a twisted spiral of events, and the wife of Iago – the orchestrator of these troubles – as well as the more courageous and defiant of the two, they also show great deals of integrity. As men are called honest or brave, there is little appraisal for the women in comparison. Desdemona and Emilia are two female characters that despite…

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