Othello, By William Shakespeare

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It is not wise to attempt to judge another purely based on their outer shell; the showmanship of one’s character is demonstrated through the goodwill and integrity of their being. Women, while commonly shown to have a weaker sense of character, could also reveal to have some of the greatest shows of genuity. In one of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies, Othello, the story revolves around Othello, a Venetian general, who marries Desdemona, the daughter of a Venetian noble. Iago – whom Othello declares as his ancient – despises him, and thus tries to destroy his marriage along with him. Othello is easily ensnared within the traps Iago sets; this causes great paranoia and distrust among Desdemona, and a series of rash decisions. Othello is…show more content…
Through the tragic events of Othello, Desdemona and Emilia prove they display more strength of character than the male characters with their compassion, courage and honesty. The kindness and compassion that these two characters emanate truly show their strength through empathy, a trait that is lacking in the male characters. Throughout the play, Desdemona constantly shows her well-meaning demeanor, and stops at nothing to assist a friend. One great example is when Cassio pleas to her to help him in retrieving his job. Her sense of empathy and genuine care for others compels her to help him in any way possible, even if it means putting herself in an unfavourable position. She constantly nags Othello to reinstate Cassio, doing it out of the compassion from her heart: “Why then tomorrow night, or Tuesday morn, / On Tuesday noon or night; on Wednesday morn. / I prithee name the time, but let it not / Exceed three days” (III.iii.68-71). This kindness shows true strength of character, as an individual with great integrity will also be aware of others, and assist their peers in times of need. This is in stark contrast with the male characters, as they very rarely show acts of kindness. For example, the acts of kindness from characters such as Iago are ingenuine, as he uses them to obtain his desires; Desdemona performs these acts purely to aid others, with no personal gain for herself.
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