Othello, By William Shakespeare

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One of the most interesting qualities of the play Othello are the intricate webs Shakespeare crafts connecting many characters to every event. Although some actions may seem to affect only a select few at first, the webs almost always intertwine more characters over time. When considering all the examples of such, perhaps the most extreme example is Iago’s conspiracy against Othello. What starts out as a conspiracy against Othello transforms into a series of acts that end up hurting many more than just Othello, and involve nearly every character in the play. Although such a result may be hard to believe, Iago’s rapid degradation from a masterful conspirator to an impulsive, helpless, and sloppy killer is one that happens quite often in the…show more content…
When it came to the task, Iago followed the same protocol as necessary for hackers. When Iago first used his connection to Othello for evil, his first goal was to plant his specially crafted virus into Othello’s long term memory so it could terrorize him every waking moment. The virus, designed for maximum damage, was the idea that Desdemona was cuckolding Othello. Although the task of getting this idea into Othello’s memory may appear simple, it was far from it, because he first had to get through Othello’s firewall. Like Othello’s primary defense, a computer’s firewall will not let any programs gain access to the hard drive unless they are from a trusted source. Because the play does not reach far enough into the past to where Iago began to create such an image, it is impossible to determine whether Iago did so in order to address this issue. Regardless of the motive, Iago was clearly successful at creating a trustworthy identity, and was able to overcome this obstacle with ease. This is shown when Othello trusts Iago to protect his very wife at the end of act 1, declaring “my life upon her faith. Honest Iago, my Desdemona must I leave to thee/ I prythee, let thy wife attend on her,/ and bring them after in the best advantage.” (1.3.295)
Although gaining access to the hard drive temporarily is no doubt important, it is pointless without masking the identity of the
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